The Biggest Threat to Google & Facebook Revenues

Ask any digital advertising professional which platforms receive the bulk of their promotional budget and they'll likely be quick to tell you Google and Facebook.

That could begin to change, however, as both advertisers and publishers embrace native advertising.

A recent survey from AdsNative, for example, found that nearly 54 percent of publishers do not believe that ad budgets are going to just a few players - and that there is greater opportunity now thanks to the native advertising opportunities.

What's more, 92.3 percent of those polled by AdsNative, a white-label monetization platform for publishers, reported increased native ad revenue in the last year, with 66.7 percent using data management platforms (DMPs) to allow advertisers to segment by behavioral targeting and 69.2 percent reporting they receive the most revenue from direct sales.

What the data ultimately suggests is that while Google and Facebook may still dominate the digital advertising spend, those publishers taking advantage of the native advertising trend right now are those best positioned for success in the future.

Discover some other interesting insights from AdNative's "State of Native Advertising 2017" report below:

State of Native Advertising 2017