Tumblr Opens App Up to New Ad Display

As more consumers continue to flock to social media, networks are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on their popularity and increase their earnings.


Popular blogging network Tumblr has announced that it is launching a new ad service called Tumblr Sponsored Apps.


The new service is a mobile ad product that enables companies to have app install ads displayed inside the Tumblr app. The ads will be available for viewing on both Tumblr's native iOS and Android app.


The first ads that will be displayed on the blogging platform are from gaming companies Gree, Big Fish and TwoDots. For companies interested in leveraging the new ad service, the ads are sold on a cost-per-install (CPI) basis, meaning that companies are only charged for completed installs.


Interestingly, when ads are initially displayed they are only viewable on users' mobile devices. However, if the ad is liked or shared it can then be viewed by any Tumblr user, even those on desktops.