Userlytics Targeting More Relevant Demographics

The interactive testing solution used by video-based in-home marketing and advertising customer research service Userlytics just got a whole lot better for marketers, brands and businesses.

Userlytics' core offering, a solution that allows agencies and brands to qualitatively test and refine their marketing campaigns and creative with relevant audiences worldwide, will be receiving a pretty significant upgrade that will include a comprehensive new suite of demographic targeting capabilities.

The company claims that these new abilities will provide a level of granularity to the participant recruitment process that was not possible before.

While before testers could only be selected based on limited criteria like country, gender, age, education, employment status and family status, Userlytics clients can now filter through a variety of new, user-specific demographics at no additional charges.

The new demographics that can be studied by Userlytics include: salary/household income, cellular phone/tablet usage (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad), service subscriptions (e.g. cable, Netflix, DirecTV), electronic devices (e.g. TVs, cameras, printers) and service providers (e.g. Comcast, Verizon, Sprint).

Along with the launch of these new demographics, Userlytics is also going to be launching new targeting filters that will allow companies to recruit test participants at any level of demographic attribute specification and located anywhere in the world, which can be done at a fraction of the cost and time required by traditional research methodologies.

Do you use Userlytics to study your video-based marketing strategies? Do you think that these new changes will be useful or beneficial to your business or brand?