Where All Digital Advertising Intersects

Each year, marketers are using more and more disparate technology solutions to run their acquisition and retention campaigns. While many have yet to consider consolidating these tools to make their lives easier, technology companies are thinking ahead for them, attempting (often successfully) to become everything for everyone.


Enterprise marketing software company Kenshoo just announced the launch of its Infinity Suite as part of its transition from provider of advertising technology point solutions to holistic enterprise marketing software. The Kenshoo Infinity Suite is designed to help large brands become agile marketers and maximize customer lifetime value through search, social, mobile and display advertising.


"Since Kenshoo was founded, we've focused on helping businesses grow by solving the biggest marketing challenges," said Yoav Izhar-Prato, co-founder and CEO of Kenshoo. "Today, the major issue for marketers is reaching their best audiences with premium inventory across channels and devices. The Kenshoo Infinity Suite puts mobile at the center and combines all our innovation into one signature package to drive performance."


Kenshoo has set up itself nicely for the mobile realm. Not only does its software help marketers optimize their investments across Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter, but last year it also acquired Adquant, a platform for mobile app and gaming advertisers on social media. Today, through a partnership with AppNexus, a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising, Kenshoo clients can now activate search and social data across display and in-app placements on exchanges like MoPub, Nexage, and other select inventory sources.


"The Kenshoo Infinity Suite signals the importance of third party control and the return of CRM as the true north for marketing upon which independent platforms can build and monetize," said Ted Krantz, chief revenue officer of Kenshoo. "For the first time, marketing executives can get a closed loop customer view and maximize investments. The key is leveraging unbiased insights and execution along the path to conversion as no one channel can serve as the main lens in the best interests of marketers."