Digital Payments Arrive at AWeber for Affiliate Marketers

Payment models, processes and structures have long been front and center in the affiliate marketing/performance marketing space.

Merchants/sellers want sales and affiliates want to be paid commissions for the referrals and conversions they generate, of course, but the actual method of compensation really has not changed all that much over the years - it is still paper checks and wire transfers for most within the industry/sector - and that is quickly becoming a drawback for both parties.

There are some affiliate programs however who are embracing alternative "digital" payments. Email marketing and automation solution AWeber, for example, recently announced the launch of digital payments for affiliates via PayPal


While the addition of a digital payment option for affiliates may not really seem like a big deal, most similar/related affiliate programs do not provide such a payment option (for obvious security reasons) and instead still prefer to use traditional methods (e.g. those paper checks and wire transfers). That ultimately limits the success of their programs in terms of the recruitment of affiliates and where those affiliates are able to generate referrals and conversions (i.e. internationally). 


AWeber also made several other notable improvements to their affiliate dashboard and marketing assets. In addition to the integration of PayPal, the new dashboard will enable AWeber affiliates to track and manage their commission payments and access AWeber approved affiliate marketing materials including banner ads that promote offerings like the company's behavior-based automation products.


"We have an awesome group of AWeber affiliates who help promote our easy-to-use email marketing and automation services to their audiences," said Andy Shal, affiliate program manager at AWeber. "Many of our affiliates are international, so by adding a digital payment option, we've made it even easier for them to build a recurring revenue stream."