List Local, Manage Broadly

Just when companies have their local listings figured out (i.e., consistent and updated), more channels get added, more reviews need to be monitored and even updates to profiles by third parties need to be addressed. 

1&1 has expanded its online marketing tool for SMBs to address some of these needs. 1&1 List Local now provides the following functionality (some of which was available before as well):

+ Monitor online reputation and promote their business through digital word-of-mouth.

+ Keep an eye on social media handles and online directories, as well as stay organized within a single application.

+ Be alerted when something is written about the business online and respond directly to ratings and comments.

+ Access information on an overview page such as changes to the company profile by third-party users, as well as ratings and comments posted about the business on different online platforms.

+ Get next steps to optimize online visibility, as well as success reports that provide information on the current status of Google and Facebook visitor numbers.

+ Plan and publish different posts on integrated social channels and listing networks.

+ Simultaneously publish contact information on up to 25 social media channels, online directories and apps including Uber, Yelp, Google MyBusiness and Maps, Facebook and Instagram.

As consumers rely on navigation, social media and search apps to get information quickly and add their own experiences as well, it's becoming increasingly important to be where they are and ensure all of those digital touchpoints showcase an accurate portrayal of your business.  Also Read:
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