Buyable Pins Hit the Web

Ecommerce merchants have waited a long, long time (or so it feels) for Pinterest's buyable pins to come to the Web but they are finally here.


Pinterest actually introduced Buyable Pins on mobile last year and even integrated them into platforms such as Bigcommerce, Magento and IBM Commerce. 


Bringing buyable pins to the Web app could just be a game changer. 


The popular pinboard social site is also introducing a new shopping bag (what the company is calling a modern implementation of a "shopping cart"), which will allow users to shop for multiple items. 


"If you're looking for something from a brand you love, head over to their profile and tap the new filtering options to find popular products, sale items and shipping deals," said Pinterest's Product Manager Tim Weingarten.


"We've partnered with 20,000 merchants - big and small - to bring over 10 million unique products to Pinterest," continued Weingarten. With the involvement of so many merchants already, acceptance into the program must not be too rigorous.



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