QUICK HIT: The Web of Trust Crumbles

If you have the Web of Trust (WoT) extension installed within your browser, consider removing it entirely. 

An investigative report by journalists at the Hamburg-based German television broadcaster, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), revealed that Web of Trust Services (WoT) had been harvesting the web browsing histories of its user through its browser add-on and then selling them to third parties.

WoT claimed it anonymized the data that it sold but the journalists were apparently able to identify more than 50 users from the sample data it acquired from an intermediary.

The browser extension has been removed from the add-on repositories of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

If true, this could certainly signal the end of WoT, an extension which way back in 2013 had already received more than 100 million downloads.