A Solution to Flash on iPhone and iPad

Ripcode, a transactional transcoding service provider has released a server-side product as a workaround to get Flash content on the iPhone and iPad. The TransAct Transcoder V6 is installed on a website's server - no need to alter website code or go through Apple's gauntlet - then transcodes the Flash into a format that can be displayed on the Apple devices, when it detects such a request. This includes any Flash files or streaming video.

"The 'Flash on iPad' dilemma is really just the latest in a long line of speed bumps on the road towards 'any-content, any-time, any-place, any-device' that we all desire," said Ripcode CEO Brendon Mills. "Fortunately, our technology removes this barrier in a way that is attractive to content hosters, a key device manufacturer, a key video player provider, and the end user alike."