Artisan Increases Mobile App's Usage Rate by 22%

Is your brand's mobile app usage stagnant? If so, it might be time to conduct some testing in order to discover what aspects of the app need improvement.

For example, mobile app "A View From My Seat", chose to leverage Artisan Mobile's Optimize product for A/B testing. The app, which leverages user-generated photos to show the perspective from different seats at sports and entertainment venues, found mobile app usage increase by 22 percent within just two months of leveraging the Artisan platform. 

Through Artisan Optimize's A/B testing, A View From My Seat was able to compare the effectiveness of different app layouts and was able to see how changing a single element impacts conversion rates. That said, the company chose Artisan Optimize to not only gain insights from regular A/B testing, but to also access mobile app analytics and to make real-time improvements to the app interface.

"We were not doing A/B tests before Artisan," said Frank Panko, CEO, A View From My Seat. "This is what's unique about Artisan. There are tons of solutions for websites and mobile websites, but for native apps, they don't exist."

Artisan Optimize provides users with the ability to push different user interface designs to different test segments, which allows each group to experience the same app in different ways. For instance, one group could open the app and see the home screen with an image of a popular venue, while another group would see the home screen with a list of stadiums and links to different seating sections. The team from A View From My Seat, for example, experimented with adding photos, usage tips and social networking options to different screens of the app.

"The goal with most of our tests is to try to squeeze out an extra three to five percent in increased app usage wherever we can," said Panko. "It's a never-ending process, but the beauty of it is that even a small change can make a big difference in revenue."

App usage rates are important because they have a direct impact on a brand's bottom line. This is because additional app views are likely to bring in more advertising revenue. Plus, Artisan helps users save time and money by avoiding lengthy app store submission cycles, because the platform is designed to allow users to test and modify the user experience of native mobile apps without writing code or re-submitting to app stores.

"A View From My Seat has seen remarkable growth in user traffic and engagement since signing on with the Artisan platform," said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan. "We've watched them test different images, text options, and layouts across multiple screens, and they have continually improved the mobile consumer experience to achieve better results. Their efforts prove that user experience is everything when it comes to mobile app success."