Turn Your RSS Feed Into an iPhone App in Minutes

AppLoop has a tool that will take your RSS feed (or any RSS feed) and turn it into a native iPhone app, which you can then submit to the App store for approval, along with Android. AppLoop does all of the work for you, including importing common colors from your website to include in your app, or you can choose your own colors, and you can also choose custom logos for the app icon. You can also choose to charge a fee for your app, of which AppLoop will keep 40 percent. Mobile advertising solutions are also available, also with revenue share.

Everything is Web-based, it's incredibly simple, AppLoop handles the submission process to the App store and there is even an analytics package to track usage. Currently, the App Generator is limited to a few partners, but by submitting your feed you will be notified when an invite is ready. It's certainly worth keeping an eye on. Apple has been pretty selective when it comes to the App store, so I'm guessing not every feed will be accepted. You will just have to try it to find out. And don't miss Website Magazine's upcoming November Digital Edition, where we will feature an article about mistakes to avoid when submitting iPhone Apps. Check out the video to see AppLoop in action.

Note: I had trouble submitting Website Magazine in Internet Explorer, but Firefox seemed to work.