Augmenting Real-World Experiences with Mobile

MomentFeed, which provides a mobile customer experience management solution for multi-location brands, has released a new version of its platform that includes several new dashboards designed to make it easier for brands to track their customers' online-to-offline journeys and calculate the ROI of their mobile marketing efforts.

The MomentFeed platform helps brands target consumers at the influential moments in their online path to purchase, managing all pages for every store across all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yelp!, Twitter. Through MomentFeed's innovative approach to local, regional and national marketing organic and paid campaigns, the company is able to provide unique sets of data, including data from Facebook Local Insights, that haven't been available to multi-location brands directly.

"We're always looking for data to inform our marketing and operations. MomentFeed's new People Nearby vs. Paid Impressions dashboard is our new go-to for conversion tracking as we haven't seen this overlay of paid impressions to store traffic anywhere else," said Deidre Hazelbaker at Tire Discounters, the nation's eighth-largest independent tire retailer. "Another ROI capability we've been wishing for and now can see through MomentFeed is the relationship between campaign spend and regional sales. We can segment our stores by regions and groups to see what's working, and expand major markets or campaigns based on direct offline attribution. These new capabilities are key to our 2017 strategy." 

The latest version of the MomentFeed platform includes several new features that help multi-location brands engage consumers in ways that drive them toward offline conversions, making it possible to track a customer's online-to-offline journey using a combination of enhanced search, discovery, social media and reputation management tools. MomentFeed's Search & Discovery Dashboards, for example, include features that provide the opportunity to track ranking by keyword on Google and Bing through the Local Search Ranking dashboard, as well as allowing businesses to track a consumer's journey toward conversion,  through the Local Page Leads feature, which analyzes how many customers found the Google My Business (GMB) or Facebook page of the closest location and actually went on to view it, clicked to call, clicked for directions or even visited the website directly.

"Consumers spend tremendous amounts of time on their phones. They are using their phones to augment their real-world experiences by engaging with brands through the most popular mobile apps, and that is driving multi-location brands to invest heavily in digital and mobile marketing initiatives like social engagement and reputation management for every store," said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. "The underlying challenge with funding these types of activities has been a lack of understanding as to what's really working to drive foot traffic and boost sales. Now with the latest version of MomentFeed, we're helping these multi-location brands tackle this by providing insights into which digital efforts are successful, and how much they're actually helping in-store sales. Our clients are able to align the growth strategy of a single store and map that all the way up to the regional or national level."