Optimize Web, Mobile and Cloud Apps with Compuware

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 04 Nov, 2011

As organizations become increasingly dependent on business-critical applications, IT complexity has simultaneously exploded. Mobility, cloud, virtualization, Web 2.0, service-oriented architecture and browser diversity have all made achieving performance, availability and end-user experience goals a challenge.

Compuware's latest release of the Gomez platform strives to address these challenges by expanding performance visibility and deeper analytics across the entire application delivery chain to find and fix problems that originate inside or outside of the data center. The Gomez platform is a leading solution for optimizing the performance of Web, non-Web, mobile, streaming and cloud applications. Gomez aims to provide a unified view from a user's browser or mobile device, across the Internet or a corporate WAN, in the cloud to inside the data center, eliminating all of the blind spots.

New features in the November platform release include the following:

Mobile Real-User Monitoring (RUM) Conversion Analytics: Enables organizations to understand the relationship between performance and customer conversions for native mobile applications.

Integration With Google Mobile Page Speed: The Gomez Mobile Readiness scorecard now includes scores and recommendations for performance improvements from Google Mobile Page Speed, allowing organizations to assess and optimize the performance of their mobile applications.

Adaptive Streaming Support: Supports Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming and Microsoft Silverlight Smooth Streaming. Measures characteristics such as the number of times the bitrate changes, the absolute time spent at each bitrate and the percentage of time spent at each bitrate.

Browser RUM User Satisfaction Map: Allows visualization of end-user satisfaction. Organizations can drill down to isolate performance problems by geography to better understand the quality of their real users' experience by geographic region, page, browser, device, operating system and more.

SAP Application Analysis: Delivers detailed analysis of both thick-client (R/3) and Web-based (NetWeaver) instances of SAP applications, enabling proactive troubleshooting and optimization of revenue-impacting business operations.

Synthetic Monitoring Integration with Code-Level Analysis: Accelerates problem root-cause analysis by integrating Gomez's synthetic monitoring platform with dynaTrace's deep application visibility and diagnostics.

360-degree Web Load Testing: Allows testing Web, mobile and cloud applications from the customer's point of view and resolves problems across the entire application delivery chain, accelerating time-to-market by quickly identifying user-experience performance problems and isolating the root cause down to the line of code.