Create a Mobile Site with Yodle

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Jul, 2012

Many studies suggest that mobile is the channel of the future, which is why it is important for businesses to create a mobile optimized version of their site - and now Yodle clients can do just that.


Local online marketing platform Yodle has integrated a mobile solution into its core product offerings. The solution offers clients a mobile optimized website as well as mobile ad bidding and distribution. 


With the look and feel of Yodle websites now being optimized for both desktop browsers and mobile devices, it is easy to see why businesses with a mobile optimized site have an advantage over their competition. This is especially true because 51 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase from businesses that have mobile-specific sites, according to a survey from Mobile Omnibus.


 But aside from offering clients a mobile presence, Yodle's mobile solution also provides customers with further benfefits via mobile ad bidding and distribution. The company leveraged existing distribution partnerships to expand reach to 95 percent of all mobile browser search. Additionally, Yodle's media bidding technology, ClickRank, optimizes a combination of ad placements across both mobile and desktop channels for each client, which protects them from an increased price per lead. The company will also look to establish additional mobile distribution partnerships in the future, including planned expansions into in-app search queries. 


Yodel's Chief Production and Marketing Office Louis Gagnon claims that early results of the mobile integrated solution are strong, with some customers' mobile optimized websites converting traffic into calls and emails at twice the rate of a desktop-only site.


"Research shows that mobile search is expected to exceed desktop search for local information in the next three years," says Gagnon. "Small businesses simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of leveraging mobile as a marketing channel but it is a complex exercise for them to undertake cost-effectively, which is why we see mobile channel optimization as a core feature of our marketing and technology platform. We want the transition from desktop to mobile to be as smooth and as economically efficient as possible for our small business customers."


This mobile approach is part of Yodle's goal to generate quality inbound calls and emails at the lowest price possible from all online marketing channels. The mobile solution has already been rolled out for free to most of Yodle's more than 30,000 small business customers, and will be delivered to new customers in the future.