DoubleClick Advertisers Get Mobile Ad Options

Google's DoubleClick has announced that advertisers now have the option to automatically integrate mobile advertising into their campaigns.

According to the official blog, using DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA), businesses can "traffic mobile ad campaigns alongside the rest of their online advertising campaigns." It works the same as any other option in DoubleClick, by simply selecting the mobile ad placement option within the DFA rafficking interface. Separate campaigns are not needed and creatives can be automatically sized according to the Mobile Marketing Association standards to fit a variety of devices. Fully integrated analytics are also available to track mobile campaigns separate from standard ad placements and down to a carrier- and platform-specific level.

Even non-mobile-specific ads can be tracked on mobile devices. The DoubleClick blog explains, "As many mobile phones come with full Internet browsers, you'll often find that your standard ads are being viewed on mobile devices too. So, alongside the mobile placements we're also releasing mobile browser targeting for standard ads. This gives you the opportunity to control the creative you serve alongside standard web content when it is viewed on a mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad or Android devices)."

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