Finally, LinkedIn Gets an Android App

A few weeks ago LinkedIn sent around an email announcing some astonishing new user number (which I forget of course) - a significant milestone in the company's history. Cleverly bundled within that message was an indication which order you signed up as - I was somewhere around 23K (and still only a few hundred followers). It's been interesting to see the growth of LinkedIn over the years and things are seemingly getter better.

LinkedIn has been on a tear of late - it's list of new services and functionality has shown it is more than ready (and very able) to compete in the socially-focused, hyper-mobile yet still business driven community on the Web. The latest indication of this is not the user milestone mentioned previously, but LinkedIn's release of version 1.0 of its own Android mobile application. LinkedIn has had an iPhone app for several years but now will be available on the most popular mobile OS (in terms of consumer market share) in Android. As an Android user myself - I simply could not pass this one up.

The modules of the app are pretty stout (notice I didn't say 'robust') and include updates, search, connections, invitations, messages and "reconnect". Users can view timeline updates, search for users from within connections and the entire LinkedIn user base, respond to invitations, and send and receive InMail messages.