GoDaddy iPhone App Gets Major Upgrade

In its first release, the GoDaddy iPhone app amounted to little more than a way to search for available domains (which doesn't necessitate an app at all) and buy them. But GoDaddy has turned out an upgrade, with much-needed account management capabilities.

The new app lets you log in and manage DNS, domain forwarding and nameservers, and includes other features like controling autorenewal, locks and edit contact information.

One function that I would like to see included is the ability to change registrants. On GoDaddy's website, it's very easy to register a domain with another account, should you decide to sell your domain to another person. As far as I can tell, the app does not currently offer that ease of functionality. This would be a nice addition for domainers (or anyone else who wants to sell a domain) to be able to complete a transaction on the fly.

At any rate, the upgrade was much needed and a welcome addition to any GoDaddy user's app catalog. The GoDaddy iPhone app is free.