Future-proof Mobile Apps with HTML5, DN2K

DN2K, a company that specializes in developing machine-to-machine (M2M) remote monitoring and management systems, has announced that it will be using HTML5 as one of the core technologies in its business and industrial application cloud platform for monitoring and analyzing mobile devices.

The company stated that the use of HTML5 will allow DN2K to "future-proof" its applications while building bridges to "technology islands" because of the prevalent use of HTML5 by so many prominent developers, including Microsoft, Apple and Google.

HTML5 also plays a huge role in mobile development, supporting Android and iOS and enabling cross-platform portability.

The DN2K solution will be aimed at helping users extend the functionality, user interface and controls of business applications that secure mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, opening up opportunities in new markets for application developers without requiring them to rewrite their applications' code.

By basing the platform around the HTML5 technology, DN2K is able to ensure that all businesses or industrial application providers using the solution will be able to extend their offering's functionality to virtually any device, including heretofore unreleased smartphones and tablets.