Interactive Music with the iPhone

Irish band Snow Patrol is looking to be the first to invite fans to an interactive experience through an iPhone app. According to Polydor's product manager Liz Goodwin, who has released Snow Patrol's last three records, "It will be an interactive element; a digital booklet that will take you into the videos and content."

The app will contain the latest album, digital flipbook, artwork, behind-the-scenes images and lyrics, set to release in October.

This is a unique, immersive way to connect users with a brand, and one not traditionally thought of as "interactive." As apps continue to grow in popularity it's going to be exciting to see the ways in which companies reach out to their consumers. And it's not limited to the iPhone. Look for Google's Android platform to make a big splash, further opening the developer application marketplace.

How will you take advantage and capture your audience?