Mobile Users (Really) Love Apps

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 02 Apr, 2014

When it comes to mobile devices, consumers prefer interacting with mobile apps over the mobile Web according to new research from Flurry.

The company's five-year report reveals that the time spent on mobile devices by the average U.S. consumer has risen to 2 hours and 42 minutes per day from 2 hours and 38 minutes per day in 2013. Moreover, the report shows that the majority of that time (2 hours and 19 minutes a day, or 86 percent) is spent using apps. Conversely, time spent on the mobile Web came in at just 22 minutes per day (14 percent).

Other noteworthy data from the Flurry report sheds light on the most used app categories, revealing that the average consumer spends 32 percent of their time with gaming apps and 28 percent with social and messaging apps. Leading the pack in app usage is Facebook, with the data showing consumers spend an average of 17 percent of their time using Facebook apps, which include Instagram. Plus, Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp has potential to further increase the time consumers spend with the social network's apps.