MobileCause Eliminates Transaction Fees

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 19 Dec, 2013

Nonprofits can earn even more for the causes they support, because fundraising and mobile marketing platform MobileCause is now offering a zero percent transaction fee model.

Typically, mobile and online fundraising providers charge transaction fees, which can take away money that has been reserved for future programs. Through MobileCause's new model, however, organizations can raise more money, increase transparency and guarantee that 100 percent of contributions are used to support specified causes.

"When people make a donation to our cause, they want to know their money will make a difference," said Nick Ward, senior director information technology of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. "MobileCause puts us in a position where we can accept a donation and put the maximum amount of that contribution toward supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals."

MobileCauses offers a variety of plans with zero percent transaction fee limits for mobile, online and carrier billed donations. It is important to note that all plans also include a suite of mobile technologies for fundraising and communication initiatives.

"With mobile adoption on the rise, we have found that people are incredibly excited and more motivated to give when 100 percent of their donation goes toward programs," stated Sean MacNeill, CEO of MobileCause. "We want to translate that excitement to all of our clients and give them the ability to inspire their donors to do more. Our feature-rich cloud solution combined with our new pricing model allows organizations to maximize their ability to secure donations and know that 100 percent of what is given is going to the cause."