NanoRep Customer Support Widget Goes Mobile

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 04 Apr, 2012

Customer service software provider nanoRep has released an optimized mobile version of its instant-answer support widget for iOS and Android devices, and customers are already reporting increased sales from their sites' mobile versions with the widget.


Consumers visiting mobile sites supported by nanoRep's optimized widget will see it float onto the screen once a page loads. Responding to its Have a Question? prompt via touch opens a new browser window where they can ask a question to receive an accurate and instant answer from nanoRep's self-learning knowledge base.


If an answer is not yet in the knowledge base, the widget automatically opens a customer-support email message or begins a live chat, depending on the ticketing options each online merchant has set up with nanoRep.


Version 1.0 of the nanoWidget includes support through iOS 5.01 across all iPhone and iPad models and for Android 2.3 and higher.  Version 2.0, due at the end of April, will extend iOS support through 5.1.


Mobile functionality broadens nanoRep's multi-channel support that includes email, live chats and support widgets for websites and Facebook pages. Seeded with a company's FAQ, nanoRep's self-learning knowledge base automatically builds itself up with every customer question asked and response provided by a support or sales rep.


Clients and customers in the following verticals are already benefitting from nanoRep's optimized mobile support:


Ecommerce- 20 percent of nanoRep client Gongshow Gear's sales are mobile transactions, and helping consumers quickly understand return policies and shipping guidelines has increased this amount significantly.


Forex & Stock Trading -nanoRep has several clients in the foreign currency exchange industry - such as e-toro and hotforex - whose customers rely heavily on mobile trading.


Travel - From earning frequent flyer miles and choosing specific seats to reading the fine print of airlines' changing checked baggage policies, the proliferation of travel booking apps gives consumers many reasons to want instant support from their devices.


Mobile Payments - With NFC chips standard in newer devices, QR codes becoming ubiquitous and high-profile pushes from Google Wallet and Starbucks for iPhone, 2012 could be the year that mobile payments soar. As more consumers use their phones to pay at in-store registers, mobile support needs to keep pace.


"Mobile has always been part of our plan, and we're elated to launch a mobile optimized version of our signature support widget," says nanoRep CEO Doron Herzlich. "Our customers demanded it, and their feedback about its sales impact for them has been phenomenal so far."