Online Billing on the Fly, Mobile and for Free

There are any number of online invoicing solutions out there. Billing Boss is another, and it's remarkably easy, fast and free. Enter vital information (services rendered, amount, payee, etc.) and then the e-mail address of the recipient. Hit send and the invoice is added to your index, where you can review them all - paid and those yet to be paid (you can also send inovices as PDF attachments or simply print and mail.) Billing Boss can also facilitate instant online payments through integration with Sage Payment Services (who owns Billing Boss), Beanstream or PayPal. You can also share invoices online with selected parties, should you need to share information with your accountant, for example. They also use industry-standard 128K SSL encryption to protect your data.

Another nice feature of Billing Boss is the mobile side. Billing Boss has versions for both iPhone and Android, making mobile invoicing accessible. Billing Boss is completely free to use - partly because they hope you will be impressed enough to graduate to other small business solutions available from SageSpark. Also, according to their website, "Where we will make money is when we solve harder problems for you. We're currently working on some exciting services to help you grow your business. Stay tuned as we'll be announcing them in the coming months."

At the moment, Billing Boss is an attractive solution for freelancers and consultants or other small businesses looking for an easy and free solution.