Online Video Engagement is Higher on Mobile Devices

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 23 Jul, 2010

We all know by now that Internet users are consuming more online video than ever, and that the rate of consumption continues to rise. Now, a potentially important study from MeFeedia tells us that consumers are considerably more engaged when watching video on their mobile devices than they are on desktop and laptop computers.


Coming on the heels of TubeMogul's latest video analytics that reported the average online video viewing engagement to be under two minutes, here's what MeFeedia found from analyzing 125,000 mobile users:


-    iPad users, on average, will stick with a video for five minutes
-    Symbian users for 4.1 minutes
-    Android users for 3 minutes
-    iPhone users for 2.4 minutes


This is particularly significant as marketers and publishers hammer out their strategies for mobile content, indicating there is a very real shift in consumer behavior when moving from a desktop to a mobile device. Also important to consider are the formats to be used by content creators, as moving away from Flash to the more tablet-ready HTML5 may offer greater rewards for publishers than we first thought.