Self-Service, Pervasive BI

Search and business intelligence provider Endeca and mobile app provider MeLLmo have formed a partnership to develop and deliver mobile BI apps. The companies will integrate their flagship BI products, Endeca Latitude and Roambi ES3, to let mobile workers search and explore data.

Endeca Latitude combines search and BI to help people find what they need and understand what they found. MeLLmo's Roambi gives on-the-go workers interactive visualizations of company data on a mobile device anytime, anywhere. The companies' new mobile BI applications will encourage people to explore and ask new questions - even on diverse and changing data - guiding them to better decisions.

"This integration partnership gives customers BI that overcomes the constraints of traditional systems," said Dave Caruso, vice president, enterprise product management and marketing at Endeca. "It creates new ways for employees at all levels of an organization to find what they need and understand what they found for in-the-moment decisions no matter where they are, driving down costs, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction."