Sparq Mobile App Engagement

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 20 Nov, 2013

After spending a lot of time and resources developing a mobile app, many businesses struggle to get consumers to engage with apps following the initial download. But could deep linking be the answer?

A company that goes by the name of Sparq seems to think so. Sparq is a mobile app deep linking platform that enables businesses to link directly into apps from any form of marketing. For instance, once a consumer clicks on a Sparq link, the platform detects (in real time) what kind of device the consumer is accessing the link on. After the device is identified, the consumer is sent to a pre-approved destination, such as a website, mobile site, mobile app or app store. If the consumer clicks on a retailer's Sparq link from an email on their iPhone, for example, the platform will detect if the consumer has the retailer's app downloaded and if the answer is yes, it will send them directly to the correct product page within the app. Conversely, if the consumer does not have the iOS app downloaded, the retailer can set up the Sparq platform to either direct the consumer to the correct page on the business's mobile site or to the app download page within the appropriate app store.

"One of the big challenges (businesses) have is that they've got millions and millions of people who have downloaded their particular app, but they are then left with no mechanism for driving usage," says Jim Watson, chief operating officer of Sparq.

With Sparq, companies not only have the opportunity to foster engagement with their apps, but also to grow their app downloads and even conversions. In fact, directing mobile users to a company's app not only provides the consumers with the best possible experience, but also essentially bypasses a lot of extra steps standing in the way of a conversion. This is because consumers are typically already logged into apps they have downloaded, thus enabling them to make a purchase or take a different action with just a few clicks.

It is important to note that Sparq links are universal, meaning they can be used for any type of marketing initiative, including social media posts, email campaigns, blog content and even mobile advertising. In fact, Sparq client Catalog Spree reveals that since implementing the mobile dep linking solution, the company has been able to increase the amount of time spent within its app by six times compared to time consumers spend on the mobile Web.