Streaming Live Video on the Web with Your Mobile

It's nice to see mobile developers come up with applications that tap into the heart of the mobile environment. Next2Friends, launched in 2007, allows users to live stream video broadcasts from your mobile device, viewable to the public or only your "friends" on the network. And they just increased their reach by including support for BlackBerry Curve and Pearl. You can also instantly share photos and images with Next2Friends - without needing to store them on your phone or incur MMS charges.

Of course there are social features - build a profile, make friends ... all the good 2.0 stuff. You can also blog, embed on other sites and video message other members.

I suppose this is more of a fun, social application than anything else. However, depending on your industry there could be some interesting uses. I'm reminded of the Gnome and how Travelocity turned that into a successful advertising campaign.

Check out a video of mobile live streaming in action.