The Highest Revenue Generating Region for Mobile Games Is... [Infographic]

In 2013 the global mobile gaming market was worth $17.5 billion.

However with the popularity and use of smartphones continuing to rise, AppLift and Newzoo expect the size of the mobile gaming market to double by 2017.

Perhaps the most important finding in their updated report is that Latin America is now the fastest growing market in the world for mobile games with a 60 percent year over year (YoY) growth from last year. Conversely, Asia Pacific has had the lowest YoY growth of any region at just 21 percent.

Despite having the lowest YoY growth, Asia Pacific is expected to be the highest revenue generating region (estimated $12.2 billion) with second place North America more than $7 billion behind.

For more interesting information on the mobile gaming market check out the infographic below.