Winter '13 Mobile App Watch

The Fastest Growing App of 2013 (So Far) Is....

Vine has been the fastest growing app of 2013, with 403 percent growth between Q1 and Q3, according to GlobalWebIndex. Vine, which Twitter relaunched in January, beat out apps like Flickr and Instagram (ranked second and third, respectively) to win the top spot. In fact, the second fastest growing app of the year, Flickr, grew by only 146 percent between Q1 and Q3, putting it (virtually) miles behind Vine's growth. Other apps rounding out the top 10 include WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook Messenger.

Stipple: Stipple's new app for iOS allows brands to attach additional content (and context) to their images, such as videos, supplementary information, social profiles links and more. After the images are shared on social networks, followers can engage with them to explore the embedded interactive content, allowing brands to stay permanently connected to their audiences and track interactions along the way.

Prompts:For content producers and publishers, there are few things worse than writer's block. The Prompts app can help combat this persistent problem, offering more than 1,000 starting lines and writing prompts designed to inspire. While writers will still need to put their own twist on content, the app can be used as a starting point when they get stuck.

Fuze:Host and manage online meetings from your tablet with the Fuze app for iOS and Android. Fuze can support up to 12 separate HD video streams and hosts can add content like PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, images and videos. The app comes with a new screen-sharing tool as well as the ability to share and annotate directly on content.

Distimo: Mobile analytics company Distimo launched a new application for iOS devices in October, which allows users to monitor download and performance data from 10 major app stores. Users can track their own app's data, as well as view global leaderboard numbers and track their competition via daily download data and revenue estimates.