3 Tips for Getting Your Promotions More Social Love

The holidays are right around the corner, which means the social newsfeeds are becoming flooded with more and more brand promotions every day.

This influx of promotions will likely stick around until after the New Year, as brands try to market their products to the people who took holiday vacations (and stayed unplugged), as well as push any remnant inventory out the door. The challenge, however, is cutting through the social noise and enticing consumers to convert.

Luckily, there are a few strategies that brands can implement to help their promotional posts stand out in the newsfeeds and get more social love. Learn more about three of these strategies below:

1. Increase Visibility

Aside from using advertising to promote posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, there are a couple of organic ways brands can increase the visibility of the content they publish, such as using popular hashtags or strategically planning out the days and times posts are published.

Leveraging popular hashtags like #OOTD (outfit of the day), for example, provide brands (see image below) with an excellent way to get their content in front of more consumers. This is because consumers intentionally seek out hashtags like #OOTD to find style inspiration, which provides brands with a better opportunity for conversion.

In addition to hashtags, however, brands should take the timing of their social posts into consideration. The best time to post depends on each brand's audience, which means that brands need to dig into their analytics to see when their audience is most active. Fortunately, some platforms make discovering the best time to post an easier task. Engagor, for instance, offers a feature that provides brands with insights into the best day and time to publish content on both Facebook and Twitter. 

2. Share Reviews

Consumer reviews are an influential part of the decision-making process for shoppers, which means that sharing these reviews on social networks can be a great way to increase conversions.

Perhaps the most popular way to promote customer reviews is by sharing videos of consumers using products. That said, cosmetics retailer Urban Decay recently decided to take a different approach by sharing a link to a popular blogger's review of the company's new makeup palette on its Facebook and Twitter Pages. The link directs audience members to the blogger's website, which features a full review of her testing out the new palette, as well as her experience with the cosmetics retailer.

3. Be Interactive

Another great way to increase engagement and make posts standout in the newsfeed is by being interactive with audiences. Although there are a variety of ways to do this, one of the most straight-forward approaches is by asking for participation in the post itself.

In fact, studies have shown that asking audiences to fill in the blank through social posts can significantly increase comments on the post. In addition to fill-in-the-blank posts, brands can increase social participation from their audience by simply asking questions. Nordstrom, for instance, leveraged this strategy just a week ago on Instagram and received more than 530 comments. Comparatively, the next post published by the retailer on Instagram (which did not ask a question) received just 39 comments.