5 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Consultant

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 13 Mar, 2013

A brand's social media presence is only as effective as the person managing it.


This is why it is important for social media consultants to not only be well versed in content posting strategies, but also familiar with important metrics that can be used to measure a brand's social success.


That being said, every social media consultant is different. One person may measure success by the number of followers a brand has, while another might measure success based on fan interactions. This is why it is important for business owners and social consultants to be on the same page with their social media strategies. In fact, by having the same goals and expectations, teams can work together to optimize social strategies in order to obtain better metrics and a better overall ROI.


So whether you already employ a social media consultant or are looking to hire one in the near feature, consider asking the following questions so that you can be assured that you are both working toward the same goals:


1. How do we measure engagement?

Every business wants to post "engaging" content, but how your social consultant measures the engagement of that content is what really matters. For example, do they weigh certain interactions, like "shares", more heavily than an interaction such as a "like"? Knowing the answer to this question will help you get a better understanding of what your engagement score means and how your content is resonating with your audience.


2. Are we measuring conversions? 

Measuring conversions on social media can be tricky, which is why it is important to know if and how your social media consultant is tracking this metric. Moreover, this metric can show brands which social network contains the majority of customers that are likely to convert. By knowing this, brands can increase conversions by launching exclusive promotions on that network.


3. What type of content receives the most interactions?

While the answer to this question may vary by network, this is an important question to ask because it can help teams optimize their content production strategies. For example, if videos receive more shares than other content types, then the brand's social media consultant should relay that information to the content production team. By doing this, the content team can focus more of their time on producing videos and not as much time on producing less influential types of content.


4. How do our follower numbers compare to our competition's follower numbers?

A social media consultant's job is not to only manage and monitor your social accounts, but also to monitor the social accounts of your brand's competitors. By doing this, the consultant can gain insights into the content and promotion strategies of these brands and collaborate with your team for ways to stay ahead of the competition.


5. What tools do we use to measure our social success?

Most social networks have some type of analytics offering, however, the 'Net is full of robust tools that can provide even further insights into your brand's social success. By discussing which tools are being leveraged, you will be able to make sure that none of your brand's valuable metrics is going to waste.