Buffer is Open for Business

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 12 Dec, 2013

Buffer is officially open for business, as the company has introduced a new product to help enterprises better manage their social initiatives.

The product, dubbed Buffer for Business, features the same Buffer user interface along with some new tools, including detailed analytics, team collaboration features and the ability to export data.

The announcement comes after the company's beta run of the product, which ended up generating more than 10 percent of the company's total revenue. The product includes three different plans for various company sizes, with the largest plan allowing users to add up to 150 social accounts and up to 25 team members to collaborate on their account.

When it comes to collaboration, Buffer for Business enables users to add new team members as either managers or contributors, with the latter having limited access to accounts. For example, contributors can access social accounts but they can't edit the Buffer schedule like a manager can. Furthermore, updates that contributors add are not included in queues until they are approved by a manager. Also worth noting is the platform's new analytics, which allow users to view engagement graphs for clicks, retweets and favorites, as well as filter graphs to better compare metrics.

Lastly, the Business plans still come with standard Buffer features, including custom scheduling and the ability to link profiles from Twitter, Facebook, App.net, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Google+ and LinkedIn Groups. Moreover, business users can still leverage the company's browser extensions to add updates to Buffer as they browse, as well as can access their account on the go with the Buffer's iPhone and Android apps.