Consumers More Likely to Purchase What They "Like

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 31 Jan, 2012

Of course, everyone likes to be liked, but what does a "like" really represent?

According to a new study, Facebook likes may represent more than just a brand's popularity, instead, likes may actually represent loyal customers. Customer experience consulting firm eVOC Inisghts has released the results of its latest social networking report, which reveal that 54 percent of consumers are somewhat or much more likely to purchase from a brand that they have liked.

Other statistics from the study show that 87 percent of U.S. consumers are currently using a social networking site, and 66 percent are looking for special offers and coupons on Facebook. Additionally, more than half of social network users are accessing the sites via a mobile device, and 59 percent of users have liked a Facebook page in the last 6 months.

This study shows the importance of social media marketing and how statistics such as "likes" can actually turn into conversions. Marketers should be leveraging social media sites like Facebook to engage consumers, build brand loyalty and effectively promote their brands on and offline.

"Simply incorporating the Facebook 'Like' button plugin into your website or online marketing campaign, is a win for brands," says Liz Webb, Managing Partner of eVOC Insights.