Get Insights on Visual Social Content

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 20 Feb, 2015

Visual marketing automation company Chute has unveiled a new solution that helps companies tap into real-time insights from consumer photos and videos shared on Twitter and Instagram.

The solution, dubbed Chute Insights, aims to help marketers learn more about their customers, band, industry and competitors. With Chute Insights marketers have the ability to filter their view to examine data such as sentiment, purchase intent, geography and emerging trends. Marketers can also search by keywords and people through the solution.

"Marketers face the constant challenge of delivering meaningful, authentic content every day," said Ranvir Gujral, co-founder and CEO of Chute. "There is no better way to create on-target messaging than to tap into the conversations consumers are already having about your brand, use the insights garnered to develop appropriate content and messaging, then propagate it to the world. Chute Insights finally brings visual listening to marketers' analytics tools, an evolution from the text and chart based reports offered by existing platforms today. This reinforces our mission to give brands mastery over the world's visual media."

Marketers can leverage Chute Insights to monitor social media for images and videos shared about their brand, industry and competitors, as well as organize data by popularity, trends, content creators or time. This can help marketers discover emerging trends and participate in consumer conversations. Marketers can also use Chute Insights to compare industry and competitive benchmarks. Plus, the solution makes it easier for marketers to take action on visual content, such as requesting permission to use an image and publish it across marketing channels.

It is important to note that Chute's platform includes both Chute Insights and Chute Workspace. With the addition of Chute Insights, companies can better understand their brand's share of voice within its industry and optimize their visual marketing campaigns accordingly.