Getting Social with Customer Service

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 26 Jan, 2012

Social media tool provider Conversocial is providing brands with a better way to respond to customers through social networks.

The company has launched the Priority Response Engine (PRE), which is designed to increase a brand's ability to respond to customer comments quickly, as well as makes existing customer service agents and CRM tools more productive through prioritizing tweets, wall posts and comments.

Approximately 90 percent of posts on Facebook and Twitter can be processed automatically, while 10 percent are time sensitive and require an individually tailored response from a retailer's customer service agent according to a Conversocial study. This is why PRE is designed to identify customer service issues, and helps ensure that the appropriate action is taken in a timely manner. PRE prioritizes all comments based on necessity of response.

"There's a social media paradox that on one hand companies are driving huge awareness to their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts through marketing campaigns, but on the other hand, customers use these same campaigns as direct customer service channels - whether the company intended it or not" says Joshua March, CEO of Conversocial. "Without a solution that enables customer service agents to identify real issues in social media and respond directly to customers quickly, its not only companies' reputations and competitiveness that will suffer, but customer frustration in the public domain snowballs and results in loss of sales and revenue."

PRE includes features that prioritize customer service, provides the ability to tag comments and tweets, captures customer history, and retrieves Facebook posts in real-time.