PayMeTweets Pays You to Retweet

Everyone is looking for a way to monetize their "tweets" - but is PayMeTweets the way?

The Web-based application essentially pays Twitterers that retweet sponsored tweets. My thoughts? Twitterers have a difficult enough time getting value out of Twitter as it stands now - throw in some sponsored posts and it's sure to get more challenging.

The system itself is rather unique however. Twitterers follow @paymetweets and when they see a tweet they like they can retweet it and be paid based on their twitter influence and popularity. The PayMetTweets Retweet value is calculated when users login to Twitter through PayMeTweets. Users of the service make 90% of the money paid for their retweets.

The success of PayMeTweets in many respects is predicated on the buy-in of advertisers. PayMeTweets does make it rather simple through its use of PayPal (promoters can fund an account with as little as five dollars). Listed tweets can then be added to the PayMeTweets Twitter stream where following Twitterers can RT. According to the release, preliminary figures are showing an average cost of $0.04 CPM - approximately 20 times lower than traditional ads on popular web sites.

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