Selling on Twitter with Chirpify


Most Web workers will consider Twitter more of a social network than an ecommerce platform, but that's exactly what Twitter might become as Chirpify launches this week.

Once known as Sell Simply, Chirpify enables merchants (or anyone processing an order really) to conduct direct, person-to-person payments and donations over Twitter through its retail sales platform.

While a relatively new concept to say the least, it's definitely being hyped as a way to "turn Tweets into transactions." To determine whether or not that will ultimately be the case on a larger scale you'll need a crystal ball far more accurate than my own, but a peak into how the platform actually works provides a good look into what you might expect.

Chirpify essentially just integrates with PayPal, but what makes the platform interesting is its ease of use - making a purchase or donation requires the user to only reply to a Tweet with something akin to @username BUY or @username DONATE. No fees are charged to the user for purchasing/donating.

Likely what will give Chirpify a boost, at least initially, is that it offers integration with existing ecommerce storefronts, including Magento (perhaps a nod in exchange for using PayPal as a payment platform. Integrating with popular ecommerce storefronts - the only others listed being Shopify and SAP - is a smart move out of the gate particularly as many likely to use the service aren't familiar with tasks such as back-end fulfillment, listing and transaction management.

To use Chirpify, merchants simply click the "list on Twitter" button when drafting an item listing for sale in their ecommerce dashboard. Inbound sales information appears as either an email or as part of the retailer's back-end system, as well as via a DM on Twitter. There are three Chirpify pricing plans (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise).

Chirpify receives a flat 4 percent commission on basic accounts and a flat 4 percent commission for Pro accounts, which start at $49.00 per month. For those merchants interested in going the route of the enterprise-level, Chirpify won't take any commission at all but expect a hefty monthly or annual fee in exchange.

"Brands, retailers, politicians, celebrities and individuals have spent the past six years using Twitter to build communities and brand affinity, so why not allow them to sell on Twitter directly?" says Chris Teso, founder of Chirpify. "Customers don't have to leave Twitter to make a purchase or donation. Chirpify removes the frictions of traditional ecommerce check-out processes."