Social Media Booms As Users Diversify

Seventy-three percent of online adults are now using a social networking site of some kind, according to a new Pew Research study, suggesting critical mass may not be too far behind.

Facebook, of course, still dominates in social media usage with 71 percent of online adults now indicating they are Facebook users - an increase from the 67 percent that claimed the same as of late 2012. Pew found however that users are diversifying onto other platforms; some 42 percent of online adults in fact now use multiple social networking sites.

The great threat to Facebook of course, which has been well publicized the past few days, is the trouble the network has in keeping younger users (who are rapidly turning to Twitter and Instagram).

The research also revealed differences in social media use by demographic profile. Females, for example, are four times more likely as men to be Pinterest users. Linkedin, meanwhile, remains popular among college grads and Internet users in higher income households.