10 Apps to Make You a Better CEO

Aby League
by Aby League 06 Dec, 2013


In-between attending meetings, overseeing financial decisions, and planning your company's next move, you still have a lot on your plate as CEO.


Fortunately, technological innovations paved way for somewhat lighter day-to-day business goings-on. Feast your eyes on these 10 delectable apps that can make you a better boss:


1. Evernote


As CEO, you're constantly exposed to a truckload of information. Evernote serves as an extension of your brain as it stores and remembers information you'll need later, allowing you to:


- type or audio-record reminders


- create to-do lists


- capture documents, post-its, images and store them like so


- search for keywords among your notes


- save and synchronize data across mobile devices


Storing all these valuable data in one app makes for a centralized organization. And the best part is that you can access them anytime, anywhere, from any device. 


2. Binfire


This project management and collaboration tool ensures that creativity and productivity is never far off as it allows you to:


- oversee all project/task deadline


- view any project 


- view a graphical representation of a project's progress


- manage and customize tasks 


- understand a product's nature and assess current progress 


- use an intuitive Gantt chart


- view and create status tweets and project reports


- oversee your project calendar


- manage documents and employees' activities


- collaborate through an interactive whiteboard (write, edit, open pdf and jpg files)


Its best feature is its ability to support various project management methodologies like work breakdown structure, waterfall, agile, and scrum and uses the same security safeguards banks use. 


3. CamCard


With all the people you meet, business card-passing is inevitable. CamCard is an efficient way to store all those new contacts as it:


- accurately reads business cards 


- instantly saves them to your phone's Contacts


- syncs all your cards across mobile devices (including Web app)


- notifies you regarding contact information updates


- enables a better profile demonstration through the AR Card feature (add text, video, graphic, audio, etc.)


- allows you to effectively manage your cards and search through them 


- has 200+ language support 


- allows you to share cards 


- immediately shows a contact's profile upon card-scanning


- secures your card collection with a password


CamCard's ability to update contact information across all devices and create an accessible online portfolio is its competitive edge. 


4. FlightTrack Pro


Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnmichaelmayer/4016950352/


If you're always catching a flight to your next business destination, FlightTrack Pro is a great mobile travel app that lets you:


- organize and manage multiple itineraries simultaneously


- enter flight information in advance


- know about flight delays, cancellations, poor weather conditions, etc.


- track your plane's route and current location (requires in-flight Wi-Fi) 


- find out your ETA


- know your destination's current weather forecast 


- know your detailed baggage claim info.; navigate through unfamiliar airport terminals via Terminal Maps (requires internet access)


- know about alternate flights 


- sync flight info. with your phone's calendar


- see in-flight amenities, aircraft info, etc.


- store flight delays, cancellations, and on-time arrival data


This is the best travel companion for frequent business travelers due to its capability to access real-time flight information, eliminating delay nuisance. 


5. Scanner Pro


Scanner Pro is an efficient portable scanner must-have that lets you: 


- scan documents (receipts, reports, whiteboard) 


- store them as digital copies


- sign and scan contracts to be e-mailed


- scan materials for further reading


It's a simple app that does its job well. Its best feature is its conversion of paper-to-digital copies for accurate reading.


6. ThinkFree


ThinkFree is a great project app that enables you to:


- view, edit, create, and share presentations and documents online


- collaborate on projects


- view documents in real-time


- sync files across mobile devices (reflects all changes) 


The best thing about this app is its syncing tool and ability to update documents in real-time. 


7. Siri 


Siri is your best personal virtual assistant as it lets you do almost anything just by asking. It's capable of:


- making recommendations


- performing virtual tasks 


- finding answers to your queries 


- figuring which app is perfect for which request


Siri's ability to take and analyze instructions via dictation is its ultimate competitive edge.  


8. Cisco WebEx


Because you're always in demand, Cisco WebEx lets you be in two or more places at once via online meetings, allowing you to:


- invite and remind participants 


- record meetings for further reviewing or sharing


- share content during meetings


- have an interactive discussion (everyone can talk and share documents from their computers)


- transfer files in real-time


- interact through polls or chat


- integrate webcam for live discussions


Its best feature, though, is its sophisticated security system that ensures all information you share and discuss are secured within the group alone. 


9. XMind


XMind is a widely-used mind mapping tool that encourages collaboration and free-flow thinking, boasting of:


- various charts (can be integrated in one map)


- easy conversion from mind map to matrix; vice-versa


- mapping tools like label, marker, summary, etc.


- full-screen mind map view


- presentation view for an audience


- password encryption


- file attachment 


- audio notes


- spell checker


- powerful search


- import and export feature 


- Gantt view


- various templates and themes


The best things about XMind is it's secure, offers various tools perfect for brainstorming, and it can be easily converted, import/export-ed for presentation purposes. 


10. Yodlee


Yodlee is trusted by 8/10 financial institutions in the U.S. as it enables people to:


- track their personal finances


- pay bills online


- transfer funds


- split transactions


- manually enter transactions or have them automatically downloaded and updated


- create reports showing spending trends


- track their net worth


- view timely budget reports 


- set up their preferred currency 


- give trusted people access to their account


- print reports 


It's most outstanding feature is its ability to split transactions and aggregate them accordingly. It saves you time, energy, and the entire process is secured. 


Doing everything on your own can sometimes lead to mistakes and lapses, so heed the help provided by these efficient tools. Utilize these apps to your advantage to become better at what you do best. Who knows, maybe you're on your way to grabbing that ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö‚à´Best CEO‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àöœÄ title sooner than you can say ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö‚à´go‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àöœÄ.  


About the Author: Aby League is a qualitative researcher and a passionate writer. You can see more of her articles on Elite Daily.