8 Ways to Get Nominated in Apple Apps Store

Tejas Jasani
by Tejas Jasani 07 Aug, 2014

While fear of getting apps rejected by the Apps Store will continue to be a concern for new developers, there are few aspects that you can focus on to avoid such fate. Most of these issues often result from a casual approach to the process of getting approved. There are instances when developers just move on without testing the app properly and it is often paid with a straightforward rejection. Remember one thing, Apple Apps Store is very strict to their rules of approval and you just cannot rely on your tricks except guaranteeing quality at the first place. Discover the top eight ways to get nominated in Apple Apps Store.

1. Stay clear of bugs and technical glitches

Even a single minute fault in your app can lead to straight and out rejection by the Apple Apps Store. The problem is often you just fail to understand what possibly went wrong when the resubmitted app again finds the same fate. When you address one problem you might have overlooked other faults and it happens to so many developers. So, it is always recommended to take plenty of time for testing before actually submitting your app. Make sure that the app is absolutely free of bugs, works pretty fine and having no technical glitches. Even so called petty aspects like wrong version number, non-acceptable app icon image or similar small issues should be taken addressed to prevent such fate. For effective spell checking of your code use the latest version of Xcode which offers a feature called Fix-IT to address such issues.

2. Providing details is must

Many apps simply find the worst fate at their first submission simply because they lack the mandatory details needed while submitting their apps to the store. Do not skip any single line of information as regulated and asked by the Apps Store. Here below is the information that you must provide with your app. 

- Your name and contact details including phone and mobile number and email address. 

- Which APIs you have used in App and a valid description of every one of them. 

- Whether the icons and images used in the app are original, if not where from they are sourced. 

- Description of external links and linked sites.  

3. Let it be simple and basic initially

As far getting your app approved by the Apple App Store, the initial nod by the authority is more important than the statutory process related to updates. Often getting a positive nod to your updates seems to be a lot easier than the initial drill that you have to pass through while submitting the app itself. This is why it is smarter submitting a simple and basic app at first and then getting it richer with updates. Initial approval takes longer time and by being simple you should try to break through that barrier rather easily. Do not make your app heavy with a lot of technical frills; let them wait until the later updates.

4. Stick to the Apps Store norms

As the leading brand in the Apps space Apple is very strict to its norms and does not allow apps violating any of them to the slightest. There are rules that might seem dull and pointless but you cannot help but obliging to them unless you want your app to get rejected. From offensive names or use of words to using APIs that are yet to be published or using wrong spelling of technical jargon, there are array of non-acceptable aspects that as per Apple guideline will not allow you a space in the Apps Store and so mind the rules and follow them to the point of minutest detail.

5. Learn from other developers' experiences

Obviously in this regard nothing makes your learning complete than consulting people who undergone similar challenges while submitting apps in Apple Apps Store. So, consult developers with such kind of experience or go through a lot of case studies to understand the responsible factors for getting apps rejected or approved.

6. Be unique, useful and creative

Apart from the so called technical glitches or issues concerning norms and regulations, creative brilliance stands as the biggest criteria for getting pass in the approval process. Presently booming with more than 7 million apps, Apple Apps Store offers the most contested battle ground for millions of capable developers around the world. Naturally if your app does not provide an extraordinary user experience or some kind of new aspects, it can be found as dull and unworthy for the Apps Store. Focus on your niche, offer something that no other app envisioned yet and then you have a better chance for not only approval but for attracting good number of users as well.

7. Polite cover letter stating your goal and purpose

Apple Apps Store is a very much contested place with a gamut of apps being submitted every day for approval. Naturally you just cannot expect them to respond faster than usual. Moreover, they require your cooperation to get "inside" and measure your qualitative attributes. So while submitting your app be polite in addressing the authority and provide as much information as possible including the purpose of the app and your goal.

8. Hold your patience till the verdict

Know that the approval process takes a minimum period of 1-4 weeks from the date of submission. But there are cases when it took a lot more time than that. In any case except waiting in anticipation you cannot do much. So, wait in patience until they let you know the verdict. Remember, the developers are always informed by the Apps Store regarding the cause of rejection, so that you can fix them and stand a better chance next time.

Addressing Loopholes

A step-by-step approach with well-defined priorities is the best way you can address all the potential loopholes in your app before submitting it to the Apps Store. Remember, getting rejected apart from taking toll on your motivation level also drains professional time and energy. So it is always better to take enough time in testing the app in all of its aspects before finally submitting it.

Tejas Jasani is a founder & CEO of The App Guruz, a well-respected mobile apps and games development company across the world. He likes to do research on mobile apps and to improve mobile users smart phone experience.