9 Apps for Web Pros

By Allison Howen, Associate Editor

There's an app for everything, but most aren't worth the screen space.

To help busy Web professionals filter out the winners from the losers, Website Magazine has curated a list of nine apps that are worthy of regular use. Learn more about these apps below:

Adobe Comp CC: iOS

Adobe Comp CC enables designers to create layout concepts for mobile, Web and even print. The app supports iPad gestures, Typekit fonts and enables users to leverage assets stored in Creative Cloud Libraries. Design concepts can also be sent to Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe Photoshop CC so designers can add finishing touches to their concepts from the desktop.

Invite by Microsoft: iOS

Invite makes it easier for business professionals to organize meetings when away from the office. Users simply suggest meeting times and invite attendees who then have the ability to select the best time that works for them, and can even see what options work for others.

Flare by GoDaddy: Android and iOS

Flare is a community collaboration app that enables users to share business ideas and receive guidance from other entrepreneurs and industry experts. Web professionals using the app can get insights into the validity of their startup ideas and connect and build relationships with other professionals.

Primer by Google: Android and iOS

Primer gives users "on-the-go" marketing tips from Google. The app features five-minute digital marketing lessons, as well as interactive activities that can help users learn often complicated concepts quickly. The Primer lessons cover advertising, content, measurement and strategy, with new lessons being added weekly.

Shopkey by Shopify: iOS

Shopify merchants should definitely download the Shopkey app, which enables them to better serve their customers via SMS. The ecommerce keyboard app gives Shopify merchants access to their product catalog across all messaging and social apps, which is very beneficial since messaging apps are quickly becoming a popular customer service channel.

LinkedIn Lookup: Android and iOS

Lookup is just one of the many mobile app offerings from LinkedIn (recently acquired by Microsoft). The app helps professionals find, learn about and contact their coworkers. According to the social network, just 38 percent of professionals find their company's intranets effective at helping them learn about their coworkers, and 58 percent say they could do their job better if they could find coworkers with specific skills.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Android and iOS

Getting a good night's sleep is important for any business professional, and the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock can help users do just that. The app tracks a user's sleep patterns and wakes them up in their lightest sleep phase. What's more, the premium version of the app offers online backup of sleep data, long-term trend comparison, sleep notes and more.

Adobe Spark Post: iOS

Create social content while on the move with the Adobe Spark Posts app. The app enables users to turn photos and text into attractive graphics that can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Plus, the app offers professionally designed templates, themes and hand-picked fonts.

Send by Microsoft: Android and iOS

Take the length and conventionalism out of emails by leveraging the Send app to streamline communications. With Send, Office 365 users can quickly send text-message like emails to their co-workers, with no subject line or formal email composition required.

There's an app for that!

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