96% of Apps Harbor Security Vulnerabilties

Is there no end to the security issues that seem to plague digital companies? This week eBay announced that its users needed to change their login credentials but it's only the latest victim.

This week Trustwave released its 2014 Global Security Report and the news isn't particuarly good. The report details the top cybercrime, data breach and security threat trends from 2013 and even includes the type of information that was most targeted - and that may actually surprise. 

The report revealed that while payment card data still topped the list of data types compromised, Trustwave noted that 45 percent of data thefts in 2013 involved confidential, non-payment card data -- a 33 percent increase from 2012. 

What's more, 96 percent of applications scanned by Trustwave in 2013 harbored one or more serious security vulnerabilities. If anything catches your attention, let that data point be it as it clearly demonstrates the need for more application security testing during the development, production and active phases.

"Security is a process that involves foresight, manpower, advanced skillsets, threat intelligence and technologies. If businesses are not fully equipped with all of these components, they are only increasing their chances of being the next data breach victim," said Robert J. McCullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave. 

"As we have seen in our investigations, breaches are going to happen. However, the more information businesses can arm themselves with regarding who are their potential attackers, what those criminals are after and how their team will identify, react and remediate a breach if it does occur, is key to protecting their data, users and overall business."