Adobe Adds to Digital Marketing Suite

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 07 Mar, 2012

At the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in London during the middle of May, the software company announced three new additions to its increasingly impressive Digital Marketing Suite. Each release is aimed at helping marketers "Build compelling personalized experiences that address complex digital marketing problems," says Kevin Cochrane, Adobe's vice president of enterprise marketing.

Content management on the Web is fundamentally changing and it was with that in mind, Cochrane explained, that Adobe crafted a set of new products to help digital marketers focus on creating not only compelling content but also compelling user experiences. The resulting products were Adobe CQ 5.5 Social Communities, CQ ecommerce and CQ Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager
A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app for businesses to quickly launch marketing initiatives in the cloud, providing access to an integrated set of Web Experience Management (WEM) services for the creation, management, measurement and optimization of user-personalized experiences on websites, mobile devices and social media.
After starting a marketing campaign, Cloud Manager lets users remotely control a complete digital marketing solution from the cloud, leverage capabilities available through a rich partner ecosystem and monitor Adobe CQ and cloud infrastructure using real-time metering capabilities, among other handy features.

An integrated solution that also leverages Adobe's WEM platform. ecommerce manages and optimizes the buying process for websites, mobile devices and social media by delivering a branded, personalized experience incorporating the hybris multichannel commerce software.

Extending the reach of personalized digital marketing campaigns across these channels allows marketers to present a targeted experience to consumers from the point-of-engagement to the point-of-sale, regardless of the device they're using. In addition, ecommerce sites and apps can be delivered on-premises or from the cloud, and using ecommerce in tandem with Cloud Manager lets marketers speed the creation of branded, personalized ecommerce sites that continuously scale to meet demands across all channels.

Social Communities
Marketers can better leverage social engagement across owned digital properties to build loyalty and drive conversions. Information from leading social networks (gathered, again, over multiple channels) helps organizations make a social connection with users by allowing them to log into their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and then use their profile information to personalize the consumer's experience.

This product can also be used with other sources, like a CRM or website profile, to create a more comprehensive view of each unique customer.

Plus, new social plugins make it possible for customers to share content with their friends, making every new customer a potential brand advocate, and immediately increasing each consumer's value. Using this solution with ecommerce lets businesses embed social elements into the product selection and purchasing processes of their owned properties.

This new suite of digital marketing products has been built to appeal to each unique consumer's interests from the beginning, and then maintain that personalized experience throughout the purchasing process to increase the chances of conversion, maximize the value of the money spent and, with any luck, create a lifelong customer and brand advocate.