Bold Software Unveils Latest Salesforce Integration

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 09 Dec, 2010

Bold Software has announced the availability of its most comprehensive Salesforce functionality yet. Built with end-to-end contact management for sales teams in mind, Bold Software now offers chat agents the ability to seamlessly and efficiently populate contacts, leads or any other Salesforce object with complete chat transcripts and other associated information gathered from the live chat interaction.

The new integration module provides companies with better insight into customers and prospects and allows firms to easily integrate chat communications into established workflows. For instance, a software company with this module might configure it so that at the conclusion of a live chat engagement, the sales representative would be presented with a pre-populated form including the chatter's name, email address and phone number.

They could edit those fields if necessary and include additional data they may have discovered during the course of the chat such as company name, title, budgetary limitations and more.  With a click, the agent would seamlessly pass this information into Salesforce and a new lead would be automatically created. Along with the information sent by the agent, the associated chat would be included and could be seen directly on the lead's record in Salesforce.

The Bold Software Salesforce Module is available immediately, and is included in BoldChat Premier, BoldCCM's SMB suite and BoldCCM's Enterprise Suite. For BoldChat Pro customers, contact Bold Software for pricing information. For more information about the Bold Software Salesforce Module, go to