Brands You Didn't Know Use Magento & eBay Enterprise

With many brands seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors a day on their website, it's imperative that brands leverage strong solutions that will not buckle under heavy streams of traffic or succumb to changing shopper expectations.

With solutions for both large and small brands, many of the world's digital sellers leverage the solutions offered by eBay Enterprise and Magento. Below is a list of four companies you might not have known leverage eBay Enterprise and four companies that leverage Magento to deliver the best consumer experiences possible.

eBay Enterprise


Similar to Best Buy and Fry's Electronics, TigerDirect sells a variety of products from printers and digital cameras to desktops and televisions. To manage its dropship accounts, TigerDirect utilizes eBay Enterprise to streamline communications and reduce costs. 


The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world and its ecommerce site is a hotspot for fans. The NFL relies on eBay Enterprise to provide commerce technologies, omnichannel operations and marketing solutions.


One of the most beloved pet stores, PetSmart is an international company (U.S. and Canada) that sells products for a variety of pet needs including dog, cat, reptile and fish. PetSmart uses eBay Enterprise's in-store pickup to enhance the customer experience while driving incremental and cross-sale opportunities for the pet store. 


Another professional sports league, the MLB also leverages eBay Enterprise to drive its ecommerce site operations. Functioning much like the NFL's site, consumers are able to select from a variety of categories as well as search the site for their desired product.


Nike Store Australia

Nike is one of, if not the largest, names in sports apparel around the world. To capitalize on its popularity Nike has different versions of its site for various countries including Chile, Denmark and Slovenia. To help drive customers toward purchases, Nike Australia chose to leverage Magento as its ecommerce platform. Through consumers are able to shop by category, sport and gender as well as shop through available accessories and gear.

Fiji Water

One of the many brands of bottled water on grocery store shelves today, Fiji Water leverages Magento for purchases on their ecommerce. The bottled water's site enables users to purchases packs of bottles directly from the company, establish a monthly subscription as well as place bulk orders.

Radio Flyer

Known for their classic red wagon, Radio Flyer sells a variety of products for children including tricycles and scooters. Through its site users are able to build their own Radio Flyer product, share their stories on the sites blog as well as view frequently asked questions and order replacement parts.


Consumers have long loved chocolate and thanks to the Internet chocolate lovers no longer have to leave their house to calm their sweet tooth. To help consumers obtain their fill of chocolate Ghirardelli has entrusted Magento. Through Ghirardelli's website consumers are able to discover new chocolate recipes, find stores that sell their chocolate as well as discover collocate events and purchase their tasty treats.