Build Your Own Personality Quiz

If you have spent any time on social media, chances are high that you've encountered one of those personality quizzes - from the "which Star Wars character are you?" to "which state should you live in?" and the endless variety of alternatives.

They have become increasingly popular over the past year and provide a powerful way to drive engagement with followers and increase awareness (and a social following) thanks to their incredibly viral nature. So how can you create one? 

One of the most interesting tools I've come across this year for this exact purpose is that of Riddle, a service that enables users to create and publish interactive content like personality quizzes (as well as opinion polls, lists, etc.) on social media sites. 

Social media creators essentially just configure personalities and then create questions with multiple answers. Each answer is configured to have an association to a personality - from "no association" to "strong association." When a person is through with the test, they get to see what personality they are more strongly associated with.