Bunchball Gamification Bounces into Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the biggest cloud computing service providers on the Web, offering everything from customer relationship management (CRM) to help desk software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And now, through an exclusive partnership with Bunchball, the company is able to add gamification functionality to its Salesforce Service Cloud solution.

The product will be a purpose-built application using Bunchball's famous Nitro platform, cleverly known as Nitro for Salesforce, which will extend the company's game mechanics and motivational techniques to sales and service organizations and making it the only fully integrated gamification solution offered by Salesforce.

Nitro for Salesforce uses an array of motivational techniques to engage customers, improve collaboration with service agents and make their work smarter and faster. These techniques include goal-setting, real-time feedback, competition, virtual rewards and the ability to level up.

Organizations using this platform will be able to set their service teams on priorities and goals that present targeted missions and challenges that can be used to incite them to increase productivity. In other words, sales and service managers can use Nitro for Salesforce to motivate employees by offering them rewards for key productivity milestones, improving service quality, taking training courses or whatever other important accomplishments they make.

This new gamification platform will also integrate with the Salesforce Chatter solution, as well as the Salesforce Chatter Communities for Service, allowing managers to create missions and rewards that can motivate their agents to respond to complaints or queries from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Through the Salesforce Service Cloud console, managers and employees will be able to see their current point tallies, figure out how many more points they will need to reach a milestone and view the rewards that they're currently attempting to earn; all of these game mechanics and status displays will minimize automatically so that time-pressed agents will be able to stay focused on their current tasks.

However, Nitro for Salesforce isn't the only Bunchball Nitro-integrated solution through Salesforce; in fact, the software company is unveiling a whole line of Integrated Nitro Solutions that enable companies to apply game mechanics to their services out of the box.