Campaigner Hits the CRM Trail

Campaigner has long offered one of the more robust email marketing platforms for small- to medium-sized businesses, and after a while, the company began to notice that many of their customers were having trouble with their customer relationship management (CRM) services, particularly when it came to integrating their email marketing or other business-oriented solutions into the platform.

So the next logical step for Campaigner was to build its own CRM platform that would better address the concerns of its customers. The result is CampaignerCRM, an easy-to-use solution with a fully integrated suite of tools and email marketing functionality; but it's also more than that, because Campaigner crafted the solution to help its customers sell more, meaning it's not simply a CRM solution that just records information, but actually uses the data to help customers understand their return on investment (ROI) and make decisions that will improve their bottom line.

Still, the most notable aspect of CampaignerCRM is its backend technology integration with the company's existing email marketing product to let customers draft, schedule and send email marketing campaigns. Before, customers would have to use two separate standalone products and attempt to make them work together, which could be difficult and frustrating. But CampaignerCRM allows users to trigger automated emails as either drip marketing campaigns or based on user actions from within the CRM.

Users can also use the service to extract customers' names to build email lists that can be either simple (i.e. location based) or more complex (i.e. based on specific triggers, such as opens or ignores). CampaignerCRM customers can use more than 300 professional-grade templates or copy their own HTML to create their emails. Eventually, Campaigner hopes to have a completely seamless integration between its email marketing and CRM products.

Of course, no solution is complete without a variety of social media tools, and when more than 50 percent of Campaigner's customers said they use social media to better understand their customers every week, the company knew that social was going to be a major part of its new CRM solution. This includes a new Like-to-lead tool with Facebook, which gives customers an HTML snippet that opens a pop-up box to get contact information from users who click the "Like" button on their Web properties, as well as deep integration with LinkedIn that allows users to pull and save information from a contact's LinkedIn profile.

CampaignerCRM gives users a sales checklist feature that lets customers define their own sales processes to follow leads through different checkpoints to track their results. The ability to define these processes means that companies can replicate the practices of their best/most accomplished sales representatives to sell more (and larger) deals even faster. This can even happen on the go, as the CRM tool also comes with a mobile app that lets users update leads, contact information and more to ensure that they're always dealing with accurate data.

These charts can be easily accessed from the CampaignerCRM dashboard, and leads can easily be found thanks to MyList, a dynamic query engine that allows customers to create customized lists for easy access. MyList is one of the software's core product structures. It comes with a set of pre-made generic lists, but customers can create their own based on the lead types or opportunities they want to segment, and then edit its name and define its criteria. They can also easily export the lists to Microsoft Excel or a PDF document and send them to others through email or SFTP access. MyList reports can be one-time or scheduled as recurring reports run on a regular basis.

In addition to all of these helpful features, CampaignerCRM comes with visual reporting and charting functionality that helps managers anticipate trends and support salespeople, as well as Quicken and Quickbooks integration that allows users to record and close deals within the CRM and then have them automatically updated in the accounting software.

CampaignerCRM is generally available at $29.99 a month.