Close the Training Loop with Feedback

Barry Carillo
by Barry Carillo 16 Jan, 2023
Effective training has become an important aspect of employee success at the enterprise level, but as any good teacher can attest, it's important to listen to "students" (i.e., those being trained) in order to customize their learning experience If the aim is to improve upon it over time.

Learning software Lessonly recently introduced Lesson Ratings, a feature that makes it possible to gather feedback on the content employees interact with. The new product feature is designed to make it easy for employees to provide feedback to their managers and trainers directly and immediately, helping improve team learning content for a positive business impact.

The Lesson Ratings feature solicits feedback via a thumbs-up or thumbs-down vote following the completion of each lesson. Employees can then provide detailed comments to explain their rating and make suggestions for improvement. Managers and trainers can then view the feedback rating (percentage of positive or negative votes) on each individual lesson to track employee sentiment toward their organization's learning content. 

"Learners are the largest constituency of any learning program, making their feedback crucial. If they don't feel that the content they're receiving is helpful, it's very unlikely they will return to it in their moments of need," said Lessonly CEO Max Yoder. "This learner-first philosophy is why Lessonly is making so many investments to help our customers capture feedback and act on it-quickly and effectively."