Cloud Offering for Customer Support

CodeSmith Tools, a provider of software productivity tools most famous for its template source code generator, has announced the release of a new on-demand help desk product named CodeSmith Insight.


CodeSmith Insight is an on-demand customer support tool built which integrates directly with email and user feedback and can also be fully integrated into applications to provide error reporting details similar to those built by Apple and Microsoft.


What makes the software application so interesting is that it brings in different types of communication (emails, crash reports, customer feedback) all together in one location. 


"CodeSmith Insight is all about communication," says Eric J Smith, founder and CEO of CodeSmith Tools.


"Previously, you would use a series of separate systems to handle all this information, but we know that email, user feedback, and crash reports are just various forms of communication, and that they all belong together. This allows our customers to focus their efforts directly on what their users are experiencing, regardless of how they are saying it."